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Omega Diary & Articles


After Monday’s class, I strolled across campus aimlessly in circles. From the Chrysler Building to the Student Center, around Dillon Hall, stopping momentarily, here and there, to check the level of my sanity.

The early January sun warmed the sidewalks as college students hurried to their next class. The eclectic array of buildings, surrounded by barren maple trees, stood in sharp contrast to the pale-blue winter sky.

I have to be out of my ever-loving mind. Do I really want to drive ...



Dear Heidi:

Finally, I’ve taken the opportunity to read Jason’s (your husband’s) article: http://jasonjackmiller.blogspot.com/2011/07/ebook-marketing-models-if-its-good.html. Although I have previously read about this marketing concept, it’s well worth reading again and again.

Similar to Jason, I have never believed a writer writes solely for himself or herself. We write because we want to be read; we want others to enjoy what we have enjoyed writing.

Yes, we write in a social vacuum, or do we? We huddle at the keyboard all alone. However, ...



I’m self-published. I have tried to get published since 1977, but no one in the publishing industry thinks my writing is worth a hill of beans. So finally I said, “Screw ‘em all.”

Actually, I counted over 1,400 rejection letters over the years before I gave up counting. These numbers does not reflect screenplay rejections. So my path to publishing has been flavored with the bitterness of one rejection after another. The only summation I can make is that I must ...



The following article appeared in Dialogue Magazine.
By G. Paul Grondin

Thank you for your inquiry concerning our incomparable resort known as The Country Club of Freedom where the roads are paved with golden opportunity, where you will never go hungry, where children will never have to dodge bullets on their way to school and where you set the standard and pace for the enrichment of your life. We will be more than willing to give you a temporary membership ...


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