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About The Books


When Dr. Sydney Caldwell discovers a new and powerful green energy called orgon friends and associates team up with terrorists to steal her secrets and equipment. Sydney’s new enemy plans to use orgon to dominate the world and set up a One World Government. But, if not controlled properly, orgon could destroy the planet. Gryphon, Captain of the Galactic Rangers, arrives on Earth to help Sydney and her assistant, Jonathan. Never Regret Tomorrow propels you across Russia, U.S.A., Canada, the Bahamas and England on an action-packed, high-adrenalin Sci-Fi action/adventure. When one of Sydney’s experimental sites in the Montana wilderness is attacked and annihilated, Jonathan is mortally wounded, but Gryphon uses otherworldly medical science to save his life. Now the gloves come off! Betrayed and befriended, Sydney faces the enemy while attempting to save

her discoveries for the good of Earth. She must thwart those who with greed and malice demonstrate their willingness to kidnap, murder and destroy anyone who stands in their way. Since the enemy does not understand how to fully control orgon their ignorance sets a course that could create chaos and horror never seen before on Earth. Sydney, Jonathan and Gryphon encounter loss, injury, discovery and love as they adapt and learn that nothing ever goes as planned.

The super-tech science and otherworldly technologies must be controlled and mastered, or a kaleidoscope of possibilities for the earth’s healthy future will never happen. Ultimately, Dr. Sydney Caldwell must confront and control the potential destructive forces of her own discoveries. And the journey will continue…


What would happen if Star Wars came to our planet?
The Omega Chronicles delivers a galactic historical perspective of the Gog Magog Wars, which took place in our Helios Solar System many ages ago. The Galactic Federation and Galactic Brotherhood fought for possession of a rare and highly valued metal called tri-trillium, which is imperative for galactic travel and super-tech weaponry. With the destruction of the planet Maldek, the wars ended leaving an asteroid belt floating between Mars and Jupiter, which is still there today. Now the Galactic Federation wants the tri-trillium at all costs, and it doesn’t care what happens to Tara’s (Earth) seven billion inhabitants as long as it gets the tri-trillium. The Galactic Brotherhood desires to save Tara and stop the Federation from acquiring the tri-trillium. The engines of galactic warfare are warming up. The Omega Chronicles will take us throughout the galaxy as the two galactic superpowers battle it out. In the end, everyone is coming back to Tara. Will the inhabitants of Tara be ready when the galactic super-powers return?

The first episode, NEVER REGRET TOMORROW, begins on Tara in the year 2020 and that’s where we begin the saga…


When a genetically engineered monster kills three people in the lucrative tourist town of Bentley Harbor the town fathers hire Jack Tanner to help hunt it down and destroy it before the monster’s rampage affects the dollars flowing into the local coffers. But how many half-human half-animal beasts are there? As Jack’s investigation unfolds all of the town’s well-kept secrets are revealed one by one. The lives of the power elite will never be the same in Bentley Harbor where there’s not enough moral fiber to sew a quilt for a flea.


Ever since the first Star Wars movie flashed across the big screen in 1977, forever changing the way we think about Sci-Fi action flicks, G. Paul Grondin has been asking himself, ‘What would happen if Star Wars came to Earth?’ After exhaustive research and years of writing, Paul has created The Omega Chronicles. The first episode, Never Regret Tomorrow, begins on Earth, but the entire series of The Omega Chronicles will take us throughout the galaxy as two galactic superpowers, the Galactic Brotherhood and Galactic Federation, battle it out before returning to Earth again. Paul delivers a galactic historical perspective based on his research and knowledge of planetary evolution, prophecy, records of ancient civilizations, and secret societies with a skillfully employed imagination and visual perspective. His characters are emotionally human as they expand their awareness of what lies beyond their small corner of the galaxy. Through the perpetual motion of high-adrenalin action, he invites us to be a part of the journey. In the end, will the inhabitants of Earth be ready for the return of the galactic superpowers?

G. Paul Grondin was educated at Kent State University, Ohio, and the University of Windsor, Ontario, receiving honor degrees in English Literature and Psychology with a background in history and mathematics. Paul is a down-to-earth individualist having worked in construction, writing, sales (his own company) and over-the-road truck driving in Canada and the U.S.A. Currently, he lives on the Canadian side of the lower Great Lakes overlooking Michigan and Ohio.


Unable to cope with their abusive home life, sixteen-year-olds Amber and Ivy run away searching for a better life. In Seattle, Amber barely escapes gunfire when drug dealers brutally murder her teenage gang of thieves. Ivy saves Amber from suicide, and they become high-class call girls. In their twenties, they escape from the mafia and FBI and land in Ryerton, Michigan. Two homicides weave their tentacles around Amber and Ivy as they seek elusive “normal” relationships. Ivy hooks up with a scientist possessing a devious and dangerous past. Meanwhile, Amber, who is secretly moonlighting in the lucrative trade of money laundering, starts dating Mike Jarrett, P.I., who is trying to discover the people behind the two homicides. She enters high-brow society where another opportunity for love steps into her life. Sheri, Amber’s sister, reappears on the scene to exact a revenge against Amber, who doesn’t see it coming until it’s too late.

Drama follows Amber and Ivy at every twist and turn. Their past never fails to catch up to them, regardless of their efforts to dodge the arrows of betrayal and treachery. Confusion and chaos dominate their lives as they jump from one frying pan to another trying to avoid the fire. Nothing is ever what it seems as life is only guaranteed one breath at a time.


# #